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Phosphorus in cyanobacteria during the summer cruise 2015

Nausch, Monika

Abstract. Phosphorus is the most critical factor regulating the growth, photosynthetic activity, as well as nitrogen and carbon fixation abilities of filamentous cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, intense growth and bloom formation occurs in a period in which phosphate is already depleted in the surface layer. It is still unclear, despite numerous investigations, how diazotrophic cyanobacteria meet their P requirements and the cellular mechanisms that allow them to do so. During the cruise through the Baltic Sea in summer 2015. In addition, polyphosphates, ATP and phospholipids as cellular constituents with highest P content and therefore presumably contributing to P regulation were measured. Measurements were done for isolated filamentous cyanobacteria obtained by net samplings and removal of zooplankton.


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