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Nitrate uptake, primary production rates and phytoplankton pigment concentrations from the Amazon River plume from three cruises (EN614, EN640, M174) – Dataset used in the publication “Nitrate uptake and primary production along the Amazon River plume continuum”

Umbricht, Jacqueline; Mohrholz, Volker; Montoya, Joseph P.; Subramaniam, Ajit

Contributor(s): Umbricht, Jacqueline [DataCollector]; Burmeister, Christian [DataCollector]; Liskow, Iris [Other]; Mohrholz, Volker [DataCollector]; Montoya, Joseph P. [ProjectManager]; Subramaniam, Ajit [DataCollector]; Voss, Maren [ProjectManager]

Additional information:The dataset contains information on salinity, temperature, photosynthetically active radiation, nutrient concentrations, phytoplankton pigments, nitrate uptake rates and primary production rates from three cruises to the Amazon River plume conducted in May/June 2018 (RV Endeavor, EN614), June/July 2019 (RV Endeavor, EN640) and April/May 2021 (RV Meteor, M174). Additional CTD data for the three cruises (bottle files and full profiles) are available on PANGAEA (for M174, and at: for EN614 and EN640.


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