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Physical oceanographical data from cruise M132 in the South-East Atlantic Ocean

Umlauf, Lars

Contributor(s): Holtermann, Peter [DataCollector]; Heene, Toralf [DataCollector]; Sass, Martin [DataCollector]

Abstract. This data set includes all measurements obtained by the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (Germany) during cruise M132 with R/V Meteor in Nov/Dec 2016 in the South East Atlantic (Benguela upwelling system). All data are from ship-based observations, including: (a) classical profiling CTD system, (b) towed undulating CTD system (ScanFish), (c) turbulence microstructure profiling, (d) ship-mounted 75-kHz ADCP measurements, (e) measurements from a towed research catamaran (including 300 kHz ADCP), (f) data from R/V Meteor’s DSHIP system, which includes meteorological and thermosalinograph data. The cruise report, which is also part of this data set, contains exact instrument specifications, and tables with times, positions, and station names.

Keywords: Benguela, upwelling system, CTD, ADCP, microstructure

Data collected in the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 181 "Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean" (subproject T2), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under grant 274762653.


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