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Supplementary data of the discrete water sampling used in the publication "Nutrient release and flux dynamics of CO2, CH4, and N2O in a coastal peatland driven by actively induced rewetting with brackish water from the Baltic Sea" (Version 2.1)

Pönisch, Daniel L.; Breznikar, Anne

Contributor(s): Rehder, Gregor [DataCurator]; Voss, Maren [DataCurator]


Abstract. This directory contains the data and locations of the discrete water sampling that was conducted around six month before until around one year after rewetting of the Polder Drammendorf with brackish water. It contains measurements of physical and biogeochemical variables (e.g. temperature, salinity, greenhouse gases and nutrient concentrations). Furthermore, the calculated total alkalinity and the measured bottom water temperature and salinity is included. This version contains the values below the detection limit that were randomly generated and served as the basis for the calculations in the publication. The previous version 2 contains the values below the detection limit that were described as constants in the methods (2.4.1) of the publication. In both versions the detection limits are flagged.


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