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Oxygen budget and intrusion experiments with tagging of different inflows

Naumov, Lev

Purpose: This data allow reproducing the analysis performed in the Naumov et al. "Limited ventilation of the central Baltic Sea due to elevated oxygen consumption" paper.

Abstract. Publication "Limited ventilation of the central Baltic Sea due to elevated oxygen consumption" by Lev Naumov, Thomas Neumann, Hagen Radtke, and H. M. Markus Meier is primarily based on the monthly mean MOM-ERGOM model data, which were generated during the study. The authors studied sources and sinks of oxygen and hydrogen sulfide and their dynamics from 1948 to 2018. Central Baltic Sea’s ventilation by the biggest 29 inflows of the North Sea water was also studied. The overall deoxygenation of the central Baltic Sea was observed. It manifested as a shift from sedimentary to water column oxygen consumption. Overall deoxygenation reduced the

README: The dataset is organized as follows:There are 71 separate folders, each representing a specific year (the last four symbols of the folder's name indicate the year).Each folder contains the following files:* - contains monthly mean 3-dimensional fileds;* - contains the snapshots (not the average values) at the first day of the each month;* - contains the monthly mean transports (and other terms needed to construct the budget) for selected variables (temperature, salinity, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide);The appearance of the following files depends on the amount of tracked oxygen inflows happened during a specific year:* - monthly mean fields representing the marked oxygen tracers (number of fileds depends on number of inflows happened during that year);* - monthly mean transports for the marked oxygen from a specific inflow (indicated by ). The number of such files may vary from folder to folder depending on the number of tracked inflows during the year.inflows_statistics.csv provides some information about the detected inflows.

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