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Data sets, software and CAD drawings related to the following research article: Acquiring high-resolution wind measurements by modifying radiosonde sounding procedures

Söder, Jens; Gerding, Michael; Köpnick, Torsten

Contributor(s): Priester, Michael [Other]

This repository contains the following assets: Name: balloon_filling Title: radiosonde data used in the manuscript Authors: Jens Söder; Name: data Title: radiosonde data used in the manuscript Authors: Michael Gerding and Jens Söder; Name: electronics Title: firmware and board design for custom made electronics used to cut away radiosonde balloons Authors: Torsten Köpnick; Name: mechanics Title: CAD drawings of mechanical parts for the revised radiosonde payload design Authors: Jens Söder

ResourceType information: datasets, software, CAD drawings, PCB design


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