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Long-term changes in bloom dynamics of Southern and Central Baltic cold-water phytoplankton

Paul, Carolin

Contributor(s): Wasmund, Norbert [DataCollector]

The monitoring long-term data set originated from four different sources: ICES database (, data of Wasmund et al. (2011), ODIN database (, and the Baltic Environment Database (BED, The data set includes the wet-weight biomass of the phytoplankton species Pauliella taeniata, Thalassiosira baltica, Thalassiosira levanderi, Melosira spp and Peridinella catenata as well as information about the sea surface temperature from sampling events between 1979 until 2019 in the HELCOM sub-basins: Mecklenburg Bight, Arkona Basin, Bornholm Basin and Eastern Gotland Basin. Additionally the data set provides information about the sampling institution, country and sample station (station abbreviation, Latitute, Longitute).

The data set includes monitoring biomass data of cold water phytoplankton species and related environmental data. The data set covers the Southern Baltic Sea (Mecklenburg Bight) and the Central Baltic Sea (Arkona Basin, Bornholm Basin, Eastern Gotland Basin).


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