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Dataset for the publication "Summer heatwaves on the Baltic Sea seabed contribute to oxygen deficiency in shallow areas" by Kseniia Safonova, H. E. Markus Meier, and Matthias Gröger

Meier, H. E. Markus; Sareiva, Sofia

Purpose: Analyzing contribution of marine heatwaves to oxygen deficiency in shallow areas of the Baltic Sea.

temporalExtent: 02 Jan 1970 — 30 Dec 1999

Abstract. This data set contains extracted variables of sea surface temperature, sea bottom temperature, sea bottom oxygen concentration, and sea bottom salinity from the RCO-SCOBI model with every second day temporal and 3.7 km horizontal resolutions used for the calculation of marine heatwaves on the surface and bottom of the Baltic Sea and for attributing their contribution to oxygen depletion on the sea bottom.

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