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MBES Backscatter data recorded offshore Punta Blanca, Tenerife (Version 1)

Schönke, Mischa

Contributor(s): Schönke, Mischa [DataCollector]; Lohrberg, Arne [DataCollector]; Schneider von Deimling, Jens [DataCollector]; Feldens, Peter [ContactPerson]

As part of the Ocean Citizen project, backscatter data was recorded at Punta Blanca (Tenerife) using a NORBIT MBES system to derive basic parameters for habitat maps. The data was recorded with several settings, so the survey area was divided into four mosaics. M1: multifrequency at the shallow area (10-30 m water depth), M2 + M3 are recorded normal to the coastline with multi-detect, M4: Recorded in the deeper parts with water depth 30 - 130 m with multi-detect enabled in Version 1 BS M4 has not been processed).


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