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High-resolution measurements of physicochemical variables by two autonomous lander systems in the shallow water column (~ 1 m water depth) of a peatland rewetted with brackish water from the Baltic Sea (Version 1.0)

Here, the water velocity measurements are provided that were used for publication: "Trace gas variability of CO2 and CH4 in a coastal peatland rewetted with brackish water from the Baltic Sea by autonomous high-resolution measurements (in prep)"

Pönisch, Daniel Lars; Holtermann, Peter

Contributor(s): Rehder, Gregor [DataCurator]

This directory contains the data from water velocity measurements that took place on the German Baltic Sea coast in the summer of 2021 and are associated with multi-parameter investigations on spatial and temporal dynamics of the greenhouse gas distribution in a rewetted peatland. The temporally high-resolution measurements were carried out with two autonomous lander systems. The water velocities were measured at "lander 2" at a water depth of approx. 1 m with an upward-looking acoustic current profiler (Aquadopp instrument). The sensor was deployed in an approx. 20 m wide channel that connects the rewetted peatland with the adjacent Kubitzer Bodden (Baltic Sea). Regular water level changes resulted in high flow velocities in both directions through the channel. The high-resolution data on physicochemical measurements can be found under:

Raw binary data (ad2cp), and with the sensors software converted matlab files


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