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Characterizing the Gas Equilibrium - Membrane-Inlet Mass Spectrometer (GE-MIMS) through Laboratory Data (Version )

Iwe, Sören

Contributor(s): Schmale, Oliver [Researcher]; Schneider, Bernd [Researcher]

Purpose: The results presented in the paper by Iwe et al. “Technical note: New approach for the determination of N2 fixation rates by coupling a membrane equilibrator to a mass spectrometer on voluntary observing ships” can be reproduced using this data.

Abstract. This dataset contains laboratory experimental data used to characterise the Gas Equilibrium - Membrane-Inlet Mass Spectrometer (GE-MIMS) in terms of accuracy (deviation from expected value), precision (standard deviation) and equilibration time. It also includes data from 60 individual measurements performed in the laboratory, specifically detailing the accuracy and precision of the mass spectrometer used (GAM 2000, IPI, Bremen).


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