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Handbuch zur Auswahl der Aufschluss- und Bestimmungsverfahren für Gesamtphosphor in Umweltproben (Version 1.0)

Elektronisches Handbuch P-Analytik (Version 1.0)

Zimmer, Dana; Baumann, Karen; Berthold, Maximilian; Schumann, Rhena

The idea to compile various standard operating procedures, lab instructions, method descriptions and experiences came within our joint work in the Science Campus Phosphorus Research Rostock. This ScienceCampus connects researchers working on and with the element phosphorus, above all the Leibniz institutes LIKAT Rostock, INP Greifswald, IOW Warnemünde, IPK Gatersleben, FBN Dummerstorf and the University of Rostock. The aim of this work was and is to provide a variety of methods to digest different natural materials for measuring phosphorus. The user is guided to choose from the wealth of methods by material, lab equipment and experience. We further give many examples of method comparisons incl. digestion yield rates. Another hot topic is quality measurement. We provide a control chart system - similar to the one of the water analytics within the European Water Framework Directive-, which is composed of blank, standard and reproducibility charts. Distinct examples are given for the limits of detection and quantification, the combined standard deviation of controls and samples as well as measuring ranges. You are welcome to use the material under the rules given below. If thereare comments and feedback, you may use the email address:


Zimmer D, Baumann K, Berthold M, Schumann R (insert date of download): Handbuch zur Auswahl der Aufschluss- und Bestimmungsverfahren für Gesamtphosphor in Umweltproben. Version (insert number given). doi:10.12754/misc-2018-0001


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