Meereswissenschaftliche Berichte No 4 1992 - Marine Science Reports No 4 1992
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Proceedings of the Second Marine Geological Conference - The Baltic : held in Rostock from October 21 to October 26, 1991

Contributor(s): Lemke, Wolfram [Editor]; Lange, Dieter [Editor]; Endler, Rudolf [Editor]

Abstract. From October 21 to October 26, 1991, the Second Marine Geological Conference - The Baltic - was held in Rostock, Germany. Initiated and organized by the Geological Survey of Finland the first congress of this series (in Parainen/Finland, 1987) was the starting point for an improved exchange of knowledge and a more intensive co-operation between the marine geologists of the countries surrounding the Baltic. On behalf of the director of the Institute of Marine Research Warnemünde the Baltic marine geological community was invited to Rostock for the second meeting during the first conference. In spite of all the political changes, especially in the East European states, more than 120 participants from all countries around the Baltic (including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Great Britain, Bulgaria and the USA joined the conference. It was organized by Prof. D. LANGE and Dr. W. LEMKE and supported by grants of the German Research Community (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). Special attention to the meeting was given by the local government of Mecklenburg/Vorpommern. An adress of the Prime Minister Dr. A. GOMOLKA welcomed all the participants. within three days the scientific programme was dominated by oral presentations and posters on the geological development of the Baltic region and sedimentological contributions. On the other hand there were presented new results concerning environmental, biogeochemical and prospection problems. An important role in the scientific programme was played by contributions regarding mapping and research methodology. The last day of the meeting was dedicated to a field excursion to the Isle of Rügen. Colleagues from the Geological Survey of Mecklenburg/Vorpommern and the Geological Institute of the Greifswald University, respectively, gave an overview about the Cretaceous and Quaternary development in the northeastern part of the isle. During the conference it was possible to visit three research vessels from Latvia ("Izyskatel"), Russia ("Plamya"), and Sweden ("Ocean Surveyor"). Besides the scientific presentations there were several opportunities to discuss about the future of geological research in the Baltic area. These discussions showed the need for an enhanced international co-operation, considering, particularly, the changing political conditions on the southern shores of the Baltic. Meetings like the Second Marine Geological Conference - The Baltic - are a most valuable tool for both, stimulating and coordinating the scientific research on an international scale. So the participants decided to continue meetings like this. The next one will be held in Sopot (Poland) in 1993. It will be organized by the Branch of Marine Geology of the Polish State Geological Institute. The present assemblage of, partly, extended abstracts of presentations is suggested to give an insight into the diversity of topics covered by different contributions. Even though it was not possible to publish complete manuscripts we hope to encourage the exchange of information between the interested scientists.


Wolfram Lemke, Dieter Lange & Rudolf Endler (Eds.): Proceedings of the Second Marine Geological Conference - The Baltic : held in Rostock from October 21 to October 26, 1991. Meereswiss. Ber., Warnemünde, 4 (1992), doi:10.12754/msr-1992-0004


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